Treatment Approaches

Rowe Psychology incorporates various validated approaches into treatments. These include:


Rowe Psychology also has an interest in neuroplasticity and is beginning to introduce techniques of neuropsychotherapy into treatment regimes.

"I see a lot of clients who have had counselling or psychology before. Sometimes for a lot of sessions and over a considerable period of time. When I ask them what kind of work they did with that practitioner they think about it for a while but can't say anything much other than that they 'talked'. Robyn Rowe

What clinical psychologists do, and what Rowe Psychology does, is to diagnose the problem and then to match the treatment to that problem. By doing this we are utilizing clinical research which has established outcomes for such treatment matching. The treatment then becomes very effective and does not neccessarily  take that long. Practitioners who are not trained in diagnosis and who do not have extensive knowledge of psychopathology (that is, the detail of various disorders) and its treatment are not able to do this." 

At Rowe Psychology we also teach clients to self manage their problem as far as possible.


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