Sleep Problems Survey

A recent survey (September 2012) has reported that Australians who sleep well are generally happier.

The Australian Unity Well-Being Index surveyed 2000 Australians and indicates that the two thirds of people who get 7 to 9 hours sleep per night do better than those who only get six hours. About 30% of the individuals surveyed slept for less than seven hours a night. Those who slept more than 10 hours tended to lack purpose in their lives.


The author of the study Professor Robert Cummins, from Deakin University’s Australian Centre on Quality of Life, reports that sleep is closely correlated to people's overall well-being. He says that people who sleep less than six hours a night are less happy with respect to their safety and health, and that this may cause them to be more anxious.

This view is supported by Professor Ron Grunstein from the University of Sydney, who adds that it is important to ascertain whether lack of sleep is causing lower levels of well-being, or whether poor sleep was being caused by, for example, stress, anxiety or depression. It could be a vicious cycle he says.

It is therefore important, if you are not sleeping well, to see your doctor or psychologist to find out why this is and what you can do about it.

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