Substance Abuse

Rowe Psychology has a substantial background working in public services in this clinical area.

A drug attracting much publicity in the media at the moment is ICE, or crystal methamphetamine. This synthetic stimulant is a very addictive substance. It floods the brain with excessive amounts of the neurotransmitter dopamine and makes the user feel very good with increases in confidence and energy. For this reason it encourages the person to use it again and again. Initially they may think that they are in control but generally become addicted fairly quickly, and as with other addictive drugs larger amounts or more frequent use is required to get the same mood boost. It can increase symptoms of anxiety as well. Psychological dependence can also develop, and in this case meth use becomes more important than other activities in life, including work.

As the drug wears off there is a "come down". This can involve mood disturbance and fatigue. There is evidence of long-term negative health effects. One of these is the "wearing out" of the serotonin receptors, affecting an individual's ability to feel pleasure.

Police report an increase in crime from meth users.                                 

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